Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 7 Diamondbacks 2

There's just something about going to Arizona that wakes up the Mets bats.

You can talk about anyone you want, Johan Santana, Oliver Perez, Carlos Delgado, Aaron Heilman, but no one matters as much to the Mets' success as Jose Reyes. When he leads off with a triple, and then adds 3 more hits, the Mets are going to win games. He had a bad game in the blowout loss but in the past three games he's been on base 13 times in the last 4 games.

I think the only thing I enjoy more than watching Reyes leg out a triple is watching Reyes leg out inside the park home run (even if he gets thrown out at home). Do you think Reyes and Alomar knew that he needed a homer for the cycle when they elected to try for the inside the parker? I hope so. Do you think its bad sportsmanship to pursue individual goals like that.

Ryan Church is an excellent number 2 hitter and it will turn out to be a huge positive externaility of Alou's return that Church can now bat second. Willie cannot be stubborn and stick Castillo there. The Mets need someone with power in that spot.

David Wright also had a huge night also falling just short of the cycle.

I like the fact that even though he is struggling Beltran continues to draw walks and has a pretty decent on-base percentage. If he can keep this up with Alou back, it could provide Alou some good RBI chances.

I guess it's an accomplishment that John Maine made it through 6 innings but isn't this the type of game in which a starter should be able to pitch 7, 8 or even 9 innings? Why do all the Mets pitchers hit the 100 pitch mark in the 6th inning?

It's disappointing to have to use 3 relievers to protect a 5 run lead. Especially with the way the bullpen has been overused.

I was disappointed we didn't get to see the real Micah Owings on the mound or at the plate. The Mets walked him twice and pounded him because he has a bad ankle. It will not be as easy against Brandon Webb and Dan Haren.

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