Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 6 Braves 3

This was a huge win because the Mets never beat the Braves and after the way this series started to come back and beat Hudson and Smoltz in succession, and knock them out of the game. Awesome!

Carlos Delgado finally woke up. Two homers including a a shot off Smoltz to left field. He needs to start going to left field more because his bat is no longer quick enough to pull pitches with authority.

But when Delgado hit his first homer of the year I remember hearing Wayne Hagen on the radio say that this would definitely get him jump started. Didn't happen then and I don't think it will happen now. Sure he is not going hit .180 all season (we hope) but he's not going to suddenly snap out of it and hit .280 with 35 homers either.

Delgado finally has something to smile about

It was also nice to see Raul Casanova come through with a couple of big hits including that blast in the second inning. He is 9 for 21 since becoming the de facto starting catcher.

I still like Nelson Figueroa even though this was his second subpar start in a row. I like the way he battles, I like the way he challenges hitters, I like the way his family has their own luxury box when he pitches, and I like the way he only gives up 3 runs per game giving the Mets a chance to win his starts. They are 3-1 when he starts.

Awesome catch by Church in the 7th. I think Beltran may have had a chance at it if Church hadn't been coming on so hard but once he saw Church, Beltran made the right decision to slide and avoid a collision.

Billy Wagner has been awesome this season. I hope we will remember this when he blows a save, because it's going to happen eventually.

Willie did a good job managing the bullpen in this game, getting an inning out of Schoeneweis and giving Feliciano a chance to get a right hander so Sanchez could get the day off.

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