Monday, April 21, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Phillies 5 Mets 4

You have to be happy with taking 2 out of 3 from the Phillies on the road (and at home), but this game is kind of disappointing because the Mets had chances to win it.

A pretty bad start for Pelfrey but if this is the worst he is I can live with that. Plus it was interesting that he allowed only 2 walks but 10 hits. That's not usually what happens when he gets in trouble.

I loved the way the Mets answered the Phillies 3-run 5th with a a 4-run 6th, but that made it even more disappointing to lose this one. It was also encouraging that Carlos Beltran got a big hit in the inning. But of course Carlos Delgado didn't.

I still love Pedro Feliciano and would take him against any left-handed hitter at any time, but giving up a homer to Pedro Feliz is terrible. Feliz is such a free swinger you can normally try to get him to chase something. I think Felciano wanted to go after him with Utley and Howard coming up next.

Utley is becoming the new Pat Burrell. In fact the Phillies team is full of Met killers, except for Ryan Howard.

That top of the 9th inning was all set up for the Mets to tie the game off Lidge, but once again the Mets couldn't get that big hit. I'm almost always against the sacrifice bunt but this was the perfect situation for it. Two on, none out, bad hitter up, great hitter on deck. But Luis Castillo, his one job, couldn't get the bunt down. I think they should have left the bunt on with 2 strikes. You can say it wouldn't have mattered because Wright ended up hitting a weak foul pop, but that might not have happened had it been 2nd and 3rd instead. And of course Beltran couldn't come through either and the Mets failed to get the sweep.

It's amazing because he's been so hot recently but Wright has missed a lot of chances over this stretch, in addition to the ones he's converted. He could have 30 RBI.

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