Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 6 Phillies 4

A vintange Johan Santana performance. He gave up a lot of fly balls which can be dangerous, especially against the Phillies in that ballpark but that should benefit him in Shea Stadium. I was also very pleased that he at least tried to go to the 8th inning. I wouldn't have minded giving him one more batter with a 4-run lead (as it turned out he couldn't have done any worse). His final stats don't look as good because of Heilman allowing the two inherited runners to score, but the key is winning the games.

Pedro Feliciano is such a valuable guy against Utley and Howard. If they can put him in situations where he can come in and face them, and only them, I think he can get them out.

A nice easy inning from Billy Wagner is a welcome sight.

David Wright is really locked in right now. He is killing the ball.

Carlos Delgado sucks and he can't get a hit with men on base but he did drive in 2 runs with outs which is encouraging because strikeouts in those situations kill you. I was also pleased that in the 9th he got that insurance run by hitting a fly ball the other way. He has no chance of turning on a Brad Lidge fastball, so he has to go to left field more often.

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