Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 6 Nationals 0

My favorite part about this game is that the Mets got it done with their young players. Wright, Reyes and Pelfrey won this game by themselves, and they're all 25 or younger.

Pelfrey was great, avoiding the mental breakdowns that often lead to big innings. The third inning was the inning where he usually blows it, 2 hits, then a walk (he always walks guys when he's already in trouble) but he bounced back to get Zimmerman and Johnson. After that he cruised.

It was nice to see Duaner Sanchez on the mound again.

David Wright had 5 RBI, but twice he came up with Reyes on third and fewer than 2 outs and didn't get the run home. Once he walked, and once he struck out. If he had gotten those 2 RBI he would have been only one short of the team record.

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