Monday, April 21, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Cubs 7 Mets 1

This game was a lot closer than the final score indicates.

John Maine pitched pretty well, but I think he allowed the single to Lee to stay in his head when Ramirez came up. That home run came on the first pitch, a pitch right down the middle.

The Mets offense produced absolutely nothing, but there's a reason Carlos Zambrano is one of the best pitchers in the majors.

The turning point of this game was when Reyes grounded into that double play in the 6th. It went from 1st and 3rd and none out to 2 outs bases empty. That was a killer.

As was Reyes's error in the 8th which opened the floodgates for a Heilman meltdown and a Sosa door-slammer.

But if the bullpen has to give up 5 runs in an inning I would rather it be in a game the Mets are losing, instead of one they're winning.

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