Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Cubs 8 Mets 1

As it turns out this was an exactly replay of the first game against the Cubs. Decent starting pitching, no offense at all and a bullpen that blew the game open.

The Mets have to do something with Carlos Delgado. He is absolutely killing them right now. If I were in charge I would bench him. Permanently. I'm not kidding. I knew at the beginning of the season he would be terrible and he's actually been worse than that. Teams are pitching around Beltran (even with 1st and 2nd) because they know, not think, know, that they can get Delgado out. And it's not going to get any better. He'll improve a little, but not substantially. He's old, washed up and teams know how to get him out. And his defense is horrible too. He made three bad plays in this one including a crucial mistake in the 4th. I have no idea what he was doing on that ball, he had no chance to field it and was out of position to take the throw from Easley.

I love Nelson Figueroa. I loved the way he got out of a bases loaded jam in the second. Bases loaded no outs, yet he didn't get flustered he just got the strikeout and then the double play ball. If some of the other Mets pitchers who have much more talent had as much mental toughness, they could win Cy Young Awards.

He should have gotten out of the 4th with only one run. On a better hitting team Figueroa would be an excellent pitcher because he keeps his team in the game.

Right now the Mets have a major problem because they cannot hit. You might recall that last year the Mets got off to a hot start then played .500 ball for 100 games or so. Well, they are once again a .500 team. Their offense is so bad right now. There is only one player on the team hitting.

The Mets need to bat Church second and Pagan 5th.
The Mets are 5-0 when Church bats second, 3-1 when Pagan does and 2-8 with Castillo in the 2 hole. This was the first game they lost when Castillo didn't bat second. That's not a coincidence. This team is built around Reyes, Wright and Beltran. The bottom of the order sucks, so putting Castillo in the middle of the strong part of the order kills them.

The Mets are 7-0 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 3-9 Saturday through Tuesday.

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