Saturday, April 26, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Braves 6 Mets 3

What was galling about this game is that for once it was the other pitcher who melted down, lost the strike zone and walked the ballpark. And the Mets still couldn't win.

I was actually impressed with Mike Pelfrey briefly here because he fought through some major trouble in the first then came back with two strong innings.

Then there was that crazy bottom of the third. Jurrjens was right, McClelland was squeezing him on a couple of those calls. And I can see that was very demonstrative in questioning the call but I still think the umpire was way out of line. I think Cox did make a smart move by coming out and getting himself ejected to save his pitcher. And even though the impact wasn't immediate, Jurrjens came back the next inning and started a streak of 10 straight batters retired.

But the Mets gave Pelfrey the lead heading into the 4th inning and he blew it. One of the keys to being a winning pitcher is coming back with good clean quick innings after your team scores. In this case Pelfrey walked the leadoff batter. 5 1/3 innings, 9 hits, 4 walks, 1 strikeout. That's a bad line.

David Wright is now in a 0 for 18 slump.

Carlos Delgado is now in a 3 for 30 slump. It was very surprising that Willie rested him against a right-handed pitcher. But he has been so bad that they need to so something with him because shooting him for the insurance money, as beneficial as it would be isn't really feasible.

Just after the Braves went ahead in the 6th, a series of fights and food-and-beverage throwing altercations took place on two decks on the third-base side. Several fans were forcibly removed by security and one person was arrested for assault, New York Police Department spokesman Det. Kevin Czartoryski said. I heard the announcers mentioning this, plus you could hear the crowd, but they never showed it and never really explained what was going on.

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