Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Dodgers 5 Mets 4

This was a hard loss to take because they had so many chances and couldn't convert. It was the typical Mets loss, bad starting pitching, failure with men on base, the only difference this time was that the bullpen didn't blow it.

But it still isn't anywhere near as good as the Dodgers bullpen. The Mets got 11 baserunners off Kiroda in the first 3 1/13 innings. They got 4 baserunners over the next 5 2/3 and struck out for 11 of the 17 outs.

Nelson Figueroa's novelty is over. He is a decent pitcher, but he can only really go 5 innings, and even though this was his worst start of the season, I'm not expecting a major rebound from him. But if the other Mets starters were better and pitching deeper Figueroa's problems wouldn't be as pronounced.

On April 19th the Mets won to improve to 10-6. During that span they were 6-2 when Perez, Pelfrey and Figueroa started. Since then they are 6-9 and 1-8 when those three guys start. I could break it down even more but that's telling enough.

Why wasn't Angel Pagan backing up Church on that inside the park home run?

I can't believe Moises Alou is credited with stealing home.

The big play in this game was the 1-2-3 double play Church hit into in the 2nd. The 1-2-3 is always a killer but this was particularly bad because you knew the Mets were going to need a lot more than 3 runs to win the game.

Overall the Mets were 2 for 14 with runners in scoring position, and the 2 hits came in the first 3 chances. The last 6 chances were all strikeouts.

I know Delgado has been hitting better lately but if you saw him against Kuo you know that any pitcher with a good fastball can beat him inside. I honestly don't know why teams don't use this against him more often. Do they feel like if they overuse it he'll catch on and figure out what's coming. Is it guilt, like using a cheat code in a video game? Or do they not have confidence that they can get the fastballs far enough inside every time and fearing giving up a homer, like the one he hit off Webb that got too much of the plate?

After a good series in Arizona it would be very disappointing to get swept by the Dodgers and fall to .500.

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