Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 12 Reds 6

The offensive explosion continues, the second straight game the Mets got 12 runs. Proof that you don't "waste" runs by scoring a lot when you have a big lead.

Willie made a good move by dropping Delgado to 7th. I suppose it's either that or Castillo 8th, and if Delgado is hitting, it's probably better to split up Schneider and Castillo.

I have had my doubts about Delgado, I still think he's going to come in with worse numbers than last year, but I have never given up on Beltran.

I love Beltran and think he's great but was just having a tuogh time in the early going, in part because he was taking a lot of walks. But he broke out big time with 5 RBI including a sac fly (which I deem important) and a bases loaded triple with two outs that really broke the game open.

Before that triple Beltran was 0 for 19 this season with runners in scoring position and 2 outs.

Even though Brian Schneider had gotten off to a decent start, he was batting .308, his OPS was only .703 because his slugging was .308 also. After 21 singles his home run was his first extra base hit of the season.

Another tepid performance from Johan Santana. He really struggled allowing 10 hits in 6 innings. He had runners on in every inning and even though he was able to work out of the most of the trouble (gutty strikeouts of Ross and Patterson in the 6th) he once again threw too many pitches and relied too much on the bullpen.

How bad is the Mets bullpen that even a 10-3 lead doesn't feel safe.

I do disagree with the constant booing but I'm sick and tired of the sob story for Aaron Heilman. You want them to stop booing you, pitch better. He absolutely sucks. Everytime he comes in he gets behind hitters, resulting in either walks or hits. Even Feliciano wasn't any good on this day. When you have such a weak bullpen you hate to have to us 3 guys to nail down a blowout, especially when its the first game of a doubleheader.

I was also kind of surprised that Willie put his best lineup out there for the first game with Santana on the mound. Hopefully the lineup he uses in game 2 (I'm sure Alou won't play) will produce enough runs to cover Pelfrey and earn the sweep.

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