Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 11 Yankees 2

What a difference 2 games makes.

Now the Mets don't have to fire Willie Randolph, which by the way I never endorsed. I had another plan but I will save it until its prudent to consider it again.

Thank god that bad call on the Delgado home run didn't come back to bite the Mets. Evidently there is a little justice in this world even when you are playing the Yankees.

Oliver Perez did a great job other than that one blip he had allowing the 2-run homer to Matsui. I think he was clearly a little rattled from the Delgado incident, and possibly the long layoff. But he bounced back nicely and actually shut the Yankees down after that, and went into the 8th.

I don't have a problem with Willie using Smith and Schoeneweis since Smith hadn't pitched since Wednesday, and Schoeneweis had a week off.

Yankee killer, Oliver Perez

But I don't attribute Perez's great performance to some kind of remarkable turnaround. He was just facing a team full of lefties, bad lefties. Lefties are batting under .100 against Perez this season.

I don't usually believe in carryover effects, especially with how badly the Mets have done historically in Turner Field, but these games should have a psychological impact especially considering the strife that preceded them after the Washington series.

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