Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Braves 6 Mets 2

This is why Mets fans are going out of their minds. This team can't put together a prolonged streak of anything. After two good games they went back to their old ways.

Bad starting pitching, bad relief pitching and bad hitting. It's amazing the team is above .500 with the way they've played.

.500 is basically what they are, not having won or lost more than 2 games in a row in over a month. In fact, since that 5 game winning streak in mid April, the Mets are 12-15.

Dealing with this particular game, Claudio Vargas wasn't terrible, but he wasn't good enough either.

Matt Wise put the game out of reach as Mets relief pitchers often do.

The big difference here was that the Braves got hits when they had men on base, something the Mets almost never do.

I was pleased to see Reyes get 2 more hits. I firmly believe that if he is going well everyone else will contribute enough to get this team some wins. But they really need him to get hot and stay hot.

And if they lose Church that could be big trouble. He got a concussion on that play in the 9th inning which is worrisome because it's his second concussion of the year (remember his spring training collision with Marlon Anderson?) It's rare for a baseball player to get concussed, especially twice in a couple of months. He'll probably miss a couple games but the Mets need him in the lineup.

Church's concussion

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