Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Braves 6 Mets 1

This game started off very promisingly. Castillo homered (his second as a Met) then Wright, Beltran and Church all reached base (Wright could not have scored on Church's single). Run in, bases loaded no outs then Alou and Delgado stranded the runners. They both hit the ball hard but why can't the Mets ever get a sacrifice fly?

After that the Mets went down 22 straight.

John Maine was bad but he's been so good so far this season that you really can't complain, the occassional bad start is going to happen. Plus he wasn't so bad that the game was out of reach, he just didn't have his best stuff.

Aaron Heilman sucks. But every outing like this (gets ahead 0-2, gets to a full count and allows a home run) means he's less likely to ever pitch in a pressure situation again, and hopefully it's one step closer to him being off the team.

Glavine struck out Delgado in the fourth inning on a high inside fastball that Glavine blew right by him. I don't understand why every team doesn't throw every pitch to Delgado a high inside fastball.

This is why Mets fans weren't overly excited about the sweep of the Yankees. It can all turn around so quickly, especially against the Braves in Turner Field.

If the Mets don't win the nightcap they'll have erased all the good work they did against the Yankees.

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