Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 3 Dodgers 2

Huge win because the Mets got back the one they gave away the previous night.

And it was especially huge because Beltran delivered the key hit. He hasn't had a terrible season but he's been productive in reaching base than in driving in runners. This homer came at exactly the right time for him and for the team.

Beltran's bomb brought the Mets back

What can you say about Fernando Tatis, two game winning hits in a week. Now, I don't expect him to keep up this clutch hitting all season but for now Willie must keep him in the lineup. I truly believe that hitting in big spots is something certain players are good at while others aren't and Tatis certainly seems to have the knack for it.

Mike Pelfrey was pitching for his job and he certainly earned it for at least another start. It's very likely he will remain in the rotation and Vargas will go to the bullpen.

A couple of things impressed me about Pelfrey in this start. First off, he generally has done great in the first couple innings and faded late in games. He reversed that in this game.

Also he didn't allow bad defense mind him to get him rattled in the first inning.

He threw a ton of pitches in the fourth inning but fought back to minimize the damage.

Pelfrey fought for his spot in the starting rotation

Excellent relief work from Sanchez and Wagner. Wagner dominated in striking out the side.

People often wonder why closers get paid so much to essentially get three outs in a somewhat low pressure situation. This is why, because these late-game comebacks are huge psychologically, and you need a guy to nail it down with ease.

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