Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 5 Marlins 3

This is how the Mets are supposed to win games.

Jose Reyes leads off the game by getting on base, the big hitters get key hits behind him, Johan pitches 7 good innings, and Sanchez and Wagner bring it home.

The only difference here is that the big hitters were Tatis and Castro. They each had 2 2-out run scoring hits. That's the biggest thing the Mets are lacking this season, hits with 2 outs and runners in scoring position.

Reyes now has a 12 game hitting streak and has reached base in 27 straight games.

Beltran has reached base in 30 straight games, and considering his lack of productivity in RBI situations, if Church and Alou ever come back Willie should consider batting Beltran second, a position in the lineup where he used to excel. But of course Willie never tries anything, he just sits on his hands and hopes things will get better, which is the biggest problem with him.

Reyes led off with a double and Castillo foolishly tried to sacrifice him to third, it worked out but it's a bad move. The Mets need to play for more than one run, especially in the first inning.

Joe West gets a great view of Reyes sliding in safely to third

But what is wrong with Reyes's defense? He made another error on an easy ground ball that led to a Florida run. But the run was earned because the infield was back and Reyes made the play the run would have scored anyway.

Reyes makes an error for the third straight game

Santana was his good old consistent self. Three runs in seven innings is pretty much what we're going to get from him. But if the offense comes around that should be good enough to win a lot of games. Plus this was a must-win game for him and he came through.

I really think Willie Randolph needs to start platooning Schneider and Castro. After a hot start, Schneider has slowed down and the Mets could use offense right now with Alou and Church out. It's too bad Castro can't stay healthy because I would have loved to see him be the everyday catcher. But he was shown a great ability to get the big hit at the right time throughout his four seasons with the Mets. Based on these two hits alone, he deserves to see some more playing time.

Ramon Castro comes through in the clutch

I'd also like to see Fernando Tatis in the lineup a little more often.

Willie Randolph thanks Fernando Tatis for saving his job for one more day

Cody Ross is 7 for his last 29 with 6 home runs.

Dan Uggla was one of the hottest hitters in the majors coming into this game. But Santana got him three times with men on base and 2 outs.

Huge swing game tonight for Oliver Perez. If he can win it the Mets take 2 of 3 from the division leader, if not the calls for Willie's head will continue.

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