Monday, May 26, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Marlins 7 Mets 3

I'm at my wit's end with this team. I have no idea why there are so bad but I'm quite certain they stink right now.

Every bad play they make haunts them and they can't come through with the big hit when they need one.

I really thought they would come out of it when Jose Reyes did but over this losing streak he's had hits in every game and is batting .306, but he has only 4 runs scored, 2 of them on his own home runs.

He's raised his average 30 points over the last 16 games and the Mets are 5-11.

Jose, I thought you were the sparkplug

Plus he's been playing terribly in the field and on the bases.

Mike Pelfrey absolutely sucks. But it wasn't his fault that Reyes prevented him from getting an easy inning in the first. But it was his fault that he allowed 4 runs in the 4th, though Beltran cost him a run by diving.

Mike Pelfrey has had 2 good games in his career, and sucked the rest of the time

But the Mets missed so many chances it's just ridiculous.

First inning, bases loaded, no outs, 1 run. Now I'm glad Delgado hit a sacrifice fly because the Mets almost never do, but they needed more.

Fourth inning, first and second, one out, Castillo hits into a double play. That's the 7th double play he's hit into this year, more than all of last season. He is so bad. I can't wait for Church and Alou to come back so they can get him out of the 2 hole.

Fifth inning, first and second, no outs, no runs. Delgado, Schneider and Evans all made out without even advancing the runners.

And after that the Mets just quit. Does anyone else find it an indictment of this team's heart that they've only won one game in which they've been trailing at any point in the 6th inning or later?

That's the problem with this team. Well, the first problem is they suck with men on base. The second problem is that they are a lifeless bunch. I had to chalk things up to immeasurables like that but it sure seems that way. Once they get behind, they quit. I guess that goes back to hitting with men on base and relief pitching, but some of it has to be measured by heart and desire.

And if the Mets love Willie Randolph so much how come when his job is on the line they've pretty much laid down and died? It's almost like they want him to get fired.

The Mets aren't playing like they're trying to save Willie Randolph's job

I've never advocated firing Willie, it's not his fault these players suck, but I don't see anyway they are going to improve and if they lose the next two games and fall 8 1/2 back, I don't see anyway they're coming back.

But Aaron Heilman pitched well, which is nice.

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