Saturday, June 07, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Padres 2 Mets 1

The third straight loss by the exact same 2-1 score.

This team has no heart and no guts and no chance of going anywhere this season. A little bit of a hot streak was interrupted by the Mets entering the same offensive funk they've been in all season. No one can get a hit with men on base, and now they are back below .500 again and trail the Phillies by the largest deficit they've had all season.

Don't blame Oliver Perez for this one. He didn't pitch great but he only allowed one run. On a decent team Perez would have a few more wins. But this team cannot score.

And don't blame Pedro Feliciano either. The bullpen did a pretty decent job and you can't expect them to be perfect, the offense needs to get a hit every once in a while.

I'm so disgusted with this horrible team right now that I can't even bear to back and look at all the failures.

But once again they left the bases loaded, then the next inning left 2nd and 3rd and then in the 5th they stranded a man on 3rd base.

The tenth inning though might have been the worst. Castillo leads off with a walk. And Wright and Beltran, allegedly the two best hitters both strike out.

I don't know how anything is going to change but I now think they have to fire Willie Randolph. This ship is sinking and unless they want to give up this year they might as well make a change.

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