Friday, June 13, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Diamondbacks 5 Mets 4

The season is over, this team is through.

I've never seen a worse bullpen.

Two games in row they get great starting pitching, some early runs and a huge blown lead. They're lucky to have won one of those games.

There's really not much else to analyze other than the pitching but I'll say a few more things.

Santana was awesome, exactly the pitcher we wanted when we traded for him and needed to get us back on the winning ways.

Ramon Castro is awesome, I wish he could stay healthy and show up on time.

David Wright is in a horrible slump.

Willie Randolph from now on has to let his starting pitchers pitch until their arms fall off. If he wants to win he has to forget pitch counts and let these guys go as long as they can. He cannot trust anyone in this bullpen.

Now that the season is over Billy Wagner will start saving games again. And when he gets hot, they should dump him to a contender for a good prospect. I'm sure someone would take him, but who needs a closer when your team sucks, especially one who blows every fuckin important game.

Two things in defense of Wagner. First, the umpire was squeezing him. But the same thing happened on Sunday. The umpires made bad calls so he just threw the ball right down the middle on the next pitch. Second, Willie hung him out to dry twice so far this season when he made a comment, and was 100% right, and Willie made him apologize. I doubt that has anything to do with his performance but it's a real example of how Willie has mismanaged this team.

Why did Willie leave Joe Smith in so long, but is so quick to take out his starters who are doing well. Forget the lefty-righty bullshit when a relief pitcher is doing poorly, yank him.

Also, Willie has to stop bunting so much. When Reyes got on to lead off the 9th he needed to have him steal second and let Chavez swing away. A guy on second with one out is not a great position. You still need a hit, might as well let Reyes steal and Chavez swing. Or if Reyes steals second, then you bunt Endy.

I know the Mets got really unlucky in this game on umpire's calls and Diamondbacks defense, but that's no excuse for blowing every single lead.

In the last 4 games the Mets bullpen has allowed 17 earned runs in 15 innings. That doesn't include an inherited runner charged to Pelfrey and does include 4 good innings after the blown lead in Pelfrey's game.

That is just beyond horrendous.

This team sucks.

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