Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 9 Angels 6

The last game of the Willie Randolph era.

And as it turns out, he actually managed the bullpen properly, but almost got burned anyway.

He let Pelfrey go as long as he could, then left him in for one more batter. Too bad he couldn't get an out, forcing Willie to go to Feliciano, who of course promptly allowed the inherited runners to score and bringing the go-ahead run to the plate.

Fortunately Aaron Heilman, yes, Aaron Heilman, saved the day with two strikeouts. The strikeout of Guerrero was very impressive,

Withe the up and down nature of the bullpen lately I would have stuck with Heilman in the 8th but thankfully Duaner Sanchez had his good stuff.

I think Wagner might have gotten a little lucky to get out of the inning that way, he was really starting to struggle.

Carlos Beltran is starting to get hot. He's hitting homers and driving in runs. If he can keep that up I think that will help get Wright off the schneid.

Jose Reyes contributed two runs by himself, or what Howie Rose calls Reyes runs.

The first was walk (he's on pace for 70 which is pretty good), move up on groundout, steal third and score on throwing error.

The second Reyes run was a thing of beauty. He singled and took a wide turn to draw the throw behind him. When the throw came Reyes took off for second. Then Randolph had Castillo sacrifice (a smart time to use the sacrifice) and Wright drove him home for an important insurance run.

It's small things like that which make Reyes so much fun to watch.

Although Pelfrey didn't pitch great, I'm glad he got the win. He deserved it after pitching to tough luck in several recent outings. I think it was his first major league win ever on regular rest.

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