Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 8 Mariners 2

The Mets really needed this one. But I'm still not going to get too excited. This has been their MO all season, win a few lose a few. That's what a .500 team does.

It was nice to see David Wright break out of his slump with two huge home runs. But I promise you there is no possible way there can be such a direct correlation between his day off and his 2-homer day.

There were a couple discouraging signs in this game however.

After exploding for 8 runs in 3 innings they didn't even get a single base runner off the Mariners' bullpen in the last 5 innings.

Also, once again John Maine threw way too many pitches in 6 innings (102) and had to come out of the game. Heilman, Smith and Sanchez all had to come in, which is unfortunate because it would have been nice to give them 2 days off before the big doubleheader against the Yankees.

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