Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 3 Yankees 1

The Mets saved a little faced and took the Subway Series 2008 in this one, thanks to good Ollie.

This guy is so frustrating to Mets fans because we know he has this in him. It would be unfair to expect this performance every time, but why not two-thirds of the time, instead of just half the time?

Perez always seems to bring his A game against the Yankees, improving to 5-1 lifetime against them.

He really was dominant in this one, setting down the first 10 guys in a row and never losing his composure, even though he had chances to.

His first show of strength was in the 4th inning when Jeter singled and went to second on a wild pitch. A-Rod fouled off several good pitches before Perez finally struck him out.

Then in the 7th Betemit homered, and Reyes made an error, but Perez buckled down and got the last out.

I know people are making a big deal out of Reyes's error but I think he was only mad at himself.

Why did Manuel bring in Tatis for defense at first base and not Phillips.

That was a monster shot by Delgado.

Nice to have Ryan Church back.

Luis Castillo sucks. His numbers are so misleading. He always tries to bunt in the first inning which is a bad play, but when Reyes got to second, which makes it a good play, or at least a better one, he tried to swing away and struck out. And his RBI hit only drove in one run because he can't get the ball out of the infield.

Huge save by Billy Wagner.

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