Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Cardinals 8 Mets 7

Another atrocious start by Pedro Martinez. No one has the right to expect him to be the Pedro of old, but this guy is horrible right now. He is getting bombed pretty consistently every time out. If his name were Jose Lima or Claudio Vargas he would have been released by now.

Carlos Beltran did have a big hit but he continues to frustrate me with his inability to get home runners from third with fewer than 2 outs. I cannot understand why it is so hard for the Mets to hit sacrifice flies.

And of course with this horrible bullpen a 2-run lead is not nearly enough.

Pedro Feliciano has been absolutely awful lately, even though his stats don't necessarily reflect that.

The Mets offense battled back from 4-0 and 5-4 deficits but this offense has only so many bullets in their gun.

And that's what makes this loss so heart breaking, because we've been waiting all season for this team to battle back from a deficit, and they finally did, and took the lead, and the bullpen blew it.

Just another example of why this team can't get a foothold and break free above .500.

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