Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Cardinals 4 Mets 2

This game was a disaster. The Mets needed this one, with Glavine on the mound. Now they are in the unenviable position of having to play two perfect games in a row.

I really think this game turned on the umpiring. The home plate umpire was not giving Glavine the outside strike, but he was calling pitches inside.

He was able to work around being behind in the count in the first couple of inning but it caught up with him in the fourth. Pujols hit a home run, that's going to happen. But then he walked Rolen and gave up singles to Edmonds and Belliard. Belliard's was a poke into right field. The Cardinals took the lead in the 5th on a bloop by Eckstein (some bad luck) and a double by Wilson to right.

Have you noticed that Shawn Green is horrible on defense? He is slow getting to balls and he can't throw. And he's contributing nothing on offense. How many triples to right have the Cards had in this series? Runners scoring that might have been thrown out by a better right fielder.

Speaking of doing nothing offensively, David Wright is killing the team. He struck out in the first inning with first and third. The Mets should have had at least one run in that inning but Reyes has not been running. If he'd been off on that pitch, Lo Duca's grounder would have been a single, instead of a fielder's choice. Wright also flew out with Delgado on base in the fourth. Wright got only his second hit, a double in the 8th inning to give the Mets one last glimmer of hope. But Green flew out to shallow to score Delgado and Valentin struck out.

The Cardinals bullpen was awesome once again (except for Game 4) in shutting down the Mets, and getting first pitch strikes. 7 batters in a row in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings, were started with a first pitch strike, looking.

The Mets are not winning this series because they are not using their strengths.
Reyes has reached base 7 times but has no steals.
The bullpen blew Game 2 and held Game 1, but otherwise hasn't been a factor.
And the bottom of the Mets order is not contributing. 18 of the 22 RBI are by 3 players (Beltran, Valentin and Delgado).


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