Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Phillies 4 Mets 2

The Mets took an early lead when a bloop single by LoDuca scored Delgado and Wright. Interesting play at home, the catcher Ruiz was standing on home plate, not in front, so when Delgado scored, Ruiz kind of tripped him, though seemingly not intentionally, but he didn't have the ball yet. Then Wright came home right after Delgado, Ruiz caught the ball and leaned into Wright who toppled over him.

Wright topples over Ruiz

Then came the reason why I hate Tom Glavine, and why he hasn't won more games with the Mets. Everytime he gets a lead, he blows it. He got two outs, then gave up four straight hits to tie the game. He did get a little unlucky (he deflected Rollins's grounder, Victorino hit a perfectly placed bloop), but that is why the new wave of statistical analysis favors pitchers who strike out guys because they are less subject to unluckiness that happens when balls are put in play.

Beltran made a few nice catches early in the game, so hopefully he is healthy.

the last thing we need is a gimpy Beltran

Pat Burrell's lifetime stats against the Mets: 36 homers and 92 RBI in 121 games.

Add one huge base running blunder to that. With Utley on second, Burrell on first Rowand singled to right. Utley took a big turn at third but stopped. Burrell kept going and two men were on third. LoDuca played it perfectly, forcing Utley to third, and trapping Burrell for the out. So the Phillies had second and third with two out instead of bases loaded and one out. Keith Hernandez was furious at Burrell. The irony is, Gomez's throw home was terrible so Utley could have scored easily had he kept coming. Glavine got the third out and avoided any runs.

who's on third?

The Mets followed that up with a base running mistake of their own. With first and second, in the 7th, Reyes got picked off second base (technically a caught stealing). It wasn't a terrible play because getting a runner to third with fewer than 2 outs is huge, even if it is Beltran at the plate. But it's a chance you can only take if you know you are going to be safe. Sounds weird to say that, but Reyes has to wait for Moyer to commit himself before he takes off. Also with Beltran and Delgado up, you'd like to give those guys a chance.

The Mets had runners on second base in the 9th and 10th innings, but Easley and LoDuca couldn't get the big hit.

In the 11th, Feliciano just gave it up. He had held lefties to an .087 batting average, but Utley homered and Howard crushed one (should have been a double but he wasn't running hard). Smith allowed Howard's run to score, but it didn't matter.

The Mets just couldn't get the big hit.

Tom Glavine fails again to win #296, despite pitching pretty well for the third straight start.

Schoeneweis, Mota and Wagner all looked pretty good out of the pen.

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