Saturday, July 28, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Nationals 6 Mets 5

Mike Pelfrey is a major problem because he just can't seem to pitch a game without that one bad inning, and when that one bad inning comes he can't minimize the damage. This led to a 3-run inning, but other than that Pelfrey pitched pretty well.

But for 5 2/3 innings the Mets couldn't get anything off of Joel Hanrahan but they broke through with hits by Gotay and Wright and then a huge game tying 3-run homer by Carlos Delgado.

But the lead was short lived as the suddenly struggling Pedro Feliciano worked himself into a whole heap of trouble and Heilman allowed a bases loaded double to make it a 3-run lead again.

And that made something that happened in the 7th, a major mistake by Randolph even more glaring. LoDuca singled, then Milledge singled and LoDuca had to be pulled from the game because he hurt his hamstring going into second base. So with first and second and one out and a left handed pitcher on the mound Willie chose to bring in Marlon Anderson instead of Castro because he rightly assumed that Manny Acta would go to a righty, Jon Rauch. The only problem was, Castro had to come in to catch for LoDuca in the next inning anyway. And with Beltran unavailable, Anderson was the last pinch hitter on the bench. Anderson and Reyes both made out stranding two runners in a tie game.

Then in the next inning the Nationals got 3 runs, but the Mets fired right back in the bottom of the 8th with three straight hits, the third another run scoring hit from Delgado. But the rally was killed when Alou grounded into a double play, although it did score another run. But the Mets did get another chance when Green singled, stole second and went to third on the throwing error. But Castro failed to get him home, he can't do it every time.

Then in the 9th inning Willie had to pinch hit Tom Glavine, instead of having Marlon Anderson on the bench. That decision didn't cost the Mets the game, but it's symptomatic of obvious mistakes that Willie sometimes makes, outsmarting himself with lefty right bullshit.

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