Thursday, August 09, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Braves 7 Mets 6

The Mets got a Reyes run in the first inning on an infield single, a sac bunt and a dribbler by Wright that got through the infield because Chipper was moving over to cover third because Reyes was running. Then after Delgado got on Alou crushed one to left, almost a duplicate of his shot the night before, but the wind held it up and Willie Harris made a great leaping catch to rob him of at least an extra base hit.

The Mets got another run in the third on a single by Alou.

Marlon Anderson butchered two balls in centerfield, the first one was a tough play that Beltran would have and Milledge might have made, but it passed just over Anderson's glove for a triple. But Maine got Chipper to end the inning. The Mets weren't so lucky the next time as McCann blooped a single in front of Anderson, that he definitely should have caught. Anderson actually got hurt on the play and came out in the next inning. But the run came in on a short fly ball to Alou who should have nailed McCann at home plate, and his throw was on time, but it as just off line.

Chipper Jones once again gave the Braves a 2 run lead crushing a 3-run homer after Maine temporarily lost his composure allowing a hit to the pitcher and then a walk to Harris. The 38th home run of his career against the Mets. Mark Teixeira followed that with a home run of his own and John Maine imploded again, allowing a huge inning for the second straight start.

The Mets got one back in the 5th and then loaded the bases with two outs but Castro popped out to end the inning. As great as Castro was early he is really struggling now. And he may have carried that into the field with him as his throwing error led to another Braves run.

The Mets staged a rally in the bottom of the 9th as Gotay got on, then Reyes doubled and almost ran past Gotay who was rightfully held at third. Then David Wright hit a 2 run homer to cut the lead to one and up stepped Delgado.

Delgado hit a deep fly ball to left that looked like a sure home run by Willie Harris made an incredible leaping catch of what would have been a sure game-tying home run. Just an unbelievably heart breaking moment.

The Mets still cannot beat the Braves, they have lost 2 of 3 in all 4 series against them this year and are very likely to lose the season series to them once again. The Braves always seem to make the plays and the Mets don't.

Willie Randolph has to stop bunting in the first inning. It kills any chance for a rally. Had Castillo been hitting and got on, the Mets might have gotten two or 3 runs or more. Reyes should steal to get into scoring position, the sac bunt is an ineffective way to produce runs.

When Smoltz and Hudson start consecutively the Braves have never lost both games in the two years they've both been on the team.

When Hudson is given a 3-run lead he is 92-1.

Keith Hernandez went to the "Wollensky Grill," which is actually called Smith & Wollensky, on 49th and 3rd after the game and saw David Wright, and the umpiring crew. Keith had a burger, not a steak and he didn't have the hash browns because he is on a low carb diet. He did have half a bottle of roset. Ron went home and watched "Cinderella Man."

Keith Hernandez asked Gary to look up something on his computer then told him not to get carpal-tunnel syndrome, which he described as "a way to get disability."

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