Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 6 Cubs 2

The Mets overcame Tom Glavine Disease contracted by El Duque, fought through a bunch of stranded bases runners and won the game in the 9th thanks to their old friend Ryan Dempster.

Carlos Zambrano walked 7 guys and allowed two hits in his 5 innings of work, but the only run off him was a solo shot by the incredible Ramon Castro to start the 6th inning. After that Zambrano was taken out, having thrown 93 pitches.

Let's look how crazy Zambrano's start was:
1st inning: 2 walks, struck out Anderson with two on to end the inning
2nd inning: 1 walk, got El Duque out with Gotay on
3rd inning: 1-2-3
4th inning: 2 walks, struck out Gotay with runners on 1st and 3rd
5th inning: 2 walks and a single, struck out Anderson with the bases loaded
6th inning: leadoff homer to Castro

He walked 6 guys in 4 1/3 inning before he gave up his first hit.

But once Castro gave El Duque the lead, he gave it back by allowing a solo homer to Derrek Lee.

But the Mets bounced back in the 7th and put another run on the board, when Marlon Anderson singled home David Newhan. Remember Anderson already struck out twice in this game with men on and two outs.

But El Duque gave that run right back as well.

Shawn Green and Ruben Gotay started the 8th inning with back to back 10 pitch at bats, but even though Gotay doubled, the Mets couldn't bring him around.

Mota got through the bottom of the 8th and the Cubs went to Ryan Dempster. Back on May 17th at Shea the Mets were losing 5-1 when they got 5 runs off Dempster. This time it was four different RBI hits, one each from Delgado, Green, Gotay and Reyes.

Dempster is now 0-2 with a 48.60 ERA against the Mets this year.

Wagner got through the 9th, not a save, to preserve the victory.

A brief word about Ramon Castro. I think he is awesome. A lot of people think he will be "exposed" if he plays everyday. I'm not sure how that works exactly, do pitchers pitch him differently when he played the night before? The fact is the guy can hit. He does so in big situations and he's having a much better year than LoDuca. Not playing him everyday (or 4 days a week) because you expect him to decline is foolish. Even if you KNOW he'll fall off (which he will) he should still be playing everyday until that happens. Now I know that he is only 3-19 in the last four games (all four of which he started) and he left a lot of runners on base, but he also hit 2 home runs in that span, both of which gave the Mets an early lead. The Mets are 18-11 when he starts. He should be the new starting catcher.

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