Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Brewers 4 Mets 2

This was like 2 different games, the first part was a clean crisp pitching duel with Glavine trying to get his 300th win. The second part was a laborious struggle for either team to get a runner on, over and in.

Glavine pitched very well through six innings, allowing 2 hits, though he did give up 5 walks. He had about 30 friends and family with him including his wife, parents and kids who were interviewed and shown incessantly on SNY. Glavine left with the lead but the bullpen couldn't hold it.

Glavine sat alone in the dugout while the Mets were at bat
awesome photo of Glavine tracking a popup

The managerial chess match and the overuse of the bunt started in the 6th inning. Jose Reyes doubled and Castillo sacrificed him to second (bad move: too early to start playing for one run, especially when Reyes is already at second and the heart of the lineup is coming up). But that worked itself out when Ned Yost brought the infield in (bad move: you can let in the tying run, just not the go ahead run) and David Wright singled through the drawn in infield and later scored on a sac fly by Alou to give the Mets the lead.

The Mets offense struggles started in the 7th when Castillo and Wright left the bases loaded.

Heilman came on to get a huge double play in the 7th inning, but he started the 8th inning and began the Mets' undoing. He allowed a single to Hardy. Then Feliciano (who has been terrible lately) came on to face Fielder and only Fielder...and he hit him in the arm.

Prince Fielder cries like a baby after getting hit by a pitch

Willie then went to Mota to face Bill E. Hall and Hall doubled to tie the game. It could have been worse though as Mota struck out Miller with the bases loaded and one out. Then he got Graffanino.

The Brewers got the leadoff man on in the 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th and 13th innings.

In the 9th, the Brewers loaded the bases in part due to a horrible error by Delgado (who was also thrown out at home plate earlier in the game after jogging around the bases), but Lastings Milledge saved the day with an incredible diving catch.

He'd make another diving catch later in the game but that one was because he originally misjudged the ball.

Wright and Delgado walked to lead off the 10th inning but old, slow Alou swung away (bad move: a bunt would have put the winning run on third with one out), he probably couldn't be trusted to get the bunt down, and instead he hit into a double play.

In the 11th the Brewers got the first two men on but the sacrifice bunt was thwarted when the Mets got the lead runner at third.

After a single by Fielder in the 12th the Brewers got down a successful sacrifice but couldn't get the hit to drive him home.

Similar situation for the Mets in the 13th except Easley failed to get the bunt down but Alou stole second instead, but was left stranded,

In the bottom of the inning, Graffanino doubled to lead off the inning, and the next batter probably should have bunted, but instead Jenkins hit a home run off Aaron Sele to win the game.

Final word on bunting: Sacrifice bunting early in the game is usually bad. Late in the game when one run really does matter sacrificing with a man on first and none out is not a great play because you only have two chances to get one hit, low percentage. But with a man on second and none out you should bunt because the next batter should be able to drive a man from third in with either a hit or an out, about two-thirds of the time.

Willie left Billy Wagner in the bullpen for a save opportunity that never came. I hate that move. Get your best pitcher in early, worry about later later.

He used Jorge Sosa meaning El Duque will probably pitch Thursday and Maine on Friday, thanks to Monday's off day.

The Brewers pulled a similar move using Wendesday's starter Dave Bush in relief, moving up their other starters.

I was not impressed with Luis Castillo in his Mets debut. He made a couple good defensive plays but he looks lost at the plate. He has zero power and can't even pull the ball. It was like watching Julio Franco.

Ramon Castro and Lastings Milledge had a tough game, going a combined 0 for 11. And in the 13th with Alou on second they both made out.

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