Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Braves 7 Mets 3

The Braves mastery of the Mets continues. It doesn't seem to matter who the Braves have, they kill the Mets. The Mets are now 3-7 against the Braves this season and they must get at least one of the next two games which won't be easy against the Braves two best pitchers (Smoltz and Hudson), but the Mets have their two best pitchers, El Duque and Maine.

Oliver Perez just didn't have it in this game, it seemed like his fastball was a little bit off, not sure if it was mechanics, but I think I noticed him doing that little pause in his delivery. The game started with a Matt Diaz solo home run. Then in the second another run came in, but Perez had 2 outs and the pitcher up, but Buddy Carlyle singled to center, leading to one more run.

not a good night for Oliver Perez

But the score was still 3-0 when the Jones started the third with two bloop base hits. Then Keith Hernandez said the Braves just had two bloops, the Mets need to avoid the blast, and then it came. Francoeur hit a 3-run homer to put this game away.

Although it seemed like the Mets were trying to make a comeback. The first two men reached base in the fourth when Moises Alou hit into a doubleplay. The Mets got two back in the 5th on a double by Milledge and a triple by David Newhan, but couldn't get anything else across. Newhan's triple turned out to be the last hit of the game for the Mets. The 6th began with a walk to Delgado, followed by another double play by Moises Alou and that was it.

One thing to remember about Perez before you kill him for this bad start, he has all 3 of the Mets wins against the Braves this season and he may get two more chances to face them.

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