Friday, September 28, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Marlins 7 Mets 4

The horrible play continues but probably only for two more games as the Mets are out of first place for the first time since mid-May and there doesn't seem to be any way for this team to recover.

For the first time as a Met Oliver Perez blew up in a big game. He allowed a 2-run homer in the first inning but should have been able to stop the bleeding there.

But in the third inning he gave up a leadoff single to the pitcher, Byung-Hyun Kim, one of the worst hitting pitchers in the majors. Hanley Ramirez followed with a broken bat double and Perez loaded the bases by hitting Dan Uggla.

That set up the biggest of all the mental mistakes the Mets have made during this recent disastrous stretch. David Wright got a ground ball right at him, threw home for one, then LoDuca fired back to Wright who had plenty of time, but forgot to step on the bag. He obviously didn't realize there was a force play still on at third. He tried to tag the runner but was late and the bases stayed loaded with one out. Perez struck out Cabrera and once again, as soon as you start to believe, the roof caves in. Perez hit the next two batters to force in two runs and that was the end of this game.

But then the Mets suckered their fans in again with Carlos Beltran hit a 2-run homer to cut the lead back to 1.

But Perez couldn't hold it. He loaded the bases again in the 4th and Cabrera hit a slow roller up the middle that Reyes could have had, but he smothered it and it rolled away and scored two more runs.

The Mets would have many more chances to get runs in this game but they blew them. LoDuca reached second with one out in the 6th and was stranded. In the 7th 1st and 3rd and one out and Beltran and Alou struck out. In the 9th Reyes led off with a single and the Mets could do nothing else.

The Mets have played the worst stretch of baseball from any contending team ever. They have blown the biggest lead ever. And this is the biggest September collapse in baseball history. And although technically there is hope, realistically there is none.

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