Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Nationals 10 Mets 9

So close, but yet so far. A stirring comeback fell just short for the Mets after the first 8 1/2 innings went exactly according to recent form.

Tom Glavine turned in a stinkbomb of a performance, allowing 3-run homer to Austin Kearns in the first inning.

And each time the Mets chipped away with a run, Glavine allowed another. And like most Mets pitchers he only went 5 innings forcing Randolph to put to much trust in a bullpen that deserves none.

Carlos Muniz gave Willie a scoreless 6th but walked the first two batters in the 7th before giving way to Jorge Sosa. With two outs Sosa failed to cover first on a groundball to Delgado which should have been an easy out. The next batter singled in two runs.

Aaron Sele came in for the 8th and allowed one run in each of the 2 innings he pitched, making the score 10-3 entering the bottom of the 9th, when the patient began to kick.

LoDuca singled, then Newhan struck out, then 6 straight Mets reached base. Gomez walked and Reyes hit a 3-run homer to right, his second homer of the game (he led off the first with one), his 12th of the year, his 4th career multi-homer game.
Castillo singled to right and then Manny Acta went to his closer Chad Cordero. Wright singled and Beltran walked, then the red hot Moises Alou ripped a double to right field to drive in all 3 runs and make the score 10-9.
Jon Rauch came in for Cordero and Endy Chavez came in to run for Alou. Carlos Delgado was up, the Nationals used the overshift on the infield yet Delgado refused to try to slap one to left field. He got tied up by inside pitches then struck out. And for some unknown reason Endy Chavez tried to steal third. He was safe, but only because Ryan Zimmerman fell down. Paul LoDuca flied out to end the threat.

Now it's too easy to say that if Sosa had covered the base and cut off two runs the Mets would have won 9-8. The Nationals would have played the 9th much differently had the lead been smaller. But the Mets had a lot of other chances in this game. The Mets hit into inning ending double plays in the 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th innings. In the 5th and 7th Wright did the honors and in both cases two men were on. Two on, one out, no runs, twice. That's where the Mets lost this game. And in the first inning when Glavine got killed.

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