Monday, July 21, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Reds 7 Mets 2

This game was a throwback to the Mets from May and June. Starting pitching was decent but Perez gave back every run he got. The offense put on tons of base runners, but couldn't get the big hit. Then the bullpen busted it wide open.

Even though they ended up losing by 5 runs I think the Mets could have won this by converting on just a few of the following plays:

3rd inning: Carlos Beltran misplayed Ken Griffey's double, allowing Josh Fogg to score from first.

5th inning: With Perez on second Reyes hit a hard ground ball that was snagged by Brandon Phillips on a great play. Perez probably would have scored if it had gone through. Still with one out the Mets should have gotten a run, but Endy Chavez hit into a double play.

6th inning: Damion Easley grounded into a double play with first and second then Fernando Tatis struck out with two men on.

6th inning: Edwin Encarnacion advances to second on a passed ball that should have been a wild pitch. He scored on a two out single and probably would have been stranded if not for that passed ball.

7th inning: This of course was the most obvious inning. First of all, don't blame Nick Evans for not scoring on Argenis Reyes's single, he had to hold up to make sure that ball fell in. David Wright has to hit a sacrifice fly in this situation and he didn't even get the bat off his shoulder, it looked like he was trying to work out a walk. Then Carlos Beltran struck out too and this game was over.

If the Mets can't get back to doing the little things that win games they're going to get back to being a .500 team, or worse.

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