Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 4 Cardinals 2

JOSE! Jose, Jose, Jose! Jose! Jose!
John Maine! JohnMaine, JohnMaine, JohnMaine! John Maine! John Maine!

John Maine chose the right time to have the game of his life. He only pitched 5 and a third, and he worked out of trouble in the first two innings (Rolen with bases loaded could have been a disaster), but the final product is all that matters. The fact that he got the game to bullpen without giving up any runs is more than any of us could have hoped for.

Jose Reyes got the offense going with a home run in the first and Shea Stadium exploded. Went absolutely nuts. He was also on base 3 other times (once on a fielder's choice). But he finally wreaked some havoc on the base paths.

The second run in the 4th was key because it was aided by hits by Wright and Green, two guys who had been black holes in the lineup for most of the series.

I think Willie made the right move trying to stretch Maine into the sixth inning. He was pitching great so it was worth a chance. I also agreed with his decision and timing in taking him out.

Same with Bradford. And I do not have a problem with him bringing in Mota to face Duncan with a man on in the seventh. Lefty rigthy crap is overrated. Matchups and talent are what's important.

In the 7th the Mets finally got a contribution from their bench when Tucker singled and stole second. Him and Reyes eventually scored on Lo Duca's single. After that hit, Shea Stadium was the loudest I have ever heard it. The place was rocking, literally.

And then Wagner came along. I do not know what his problem is but he's given up 5 runs in this series already. He reminds me of Rick Vaughn in Major League 2. Until he figures this out he's no good to anybody.

I hate So Taguchi.

Game 7 for all the mah-bulls.


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