Friday, September 29, 2006

Pedro Out!

The Mets are going to have to win this season without Pedro Martinez. He is out for the playoffs with that dreaded calf injury.
In one respect it is good because there is no question and the guys who are healthy know what they have to do.
In truth, the Mets did succeed this season largely without him. But pitching wins in the playoffs and the Mets could have used his toughness.
El Duque now becomes the staff ace and he will get the ball in Game 1.
Seems like John Maine may pitch Game 3 and Trachsel Game 4 but I think Willie will wait to see where the series stands before making that judgment.
Who should get Pedro's playoff spot? I say another pitcher, probably Dave Williams. I don't think Michael Tucker provides much of anything. Anderson Hernandez is an option as late inning defense for Valentin but I'd rather have the extra arm in the bullpen.

Happy Recap: Mets 7 Braves 4

A good start from El Duque even though it was only 5 innings. The Mets are really going to need him to step up his game in the playoffs as he now becomes the ace in the absence of Pedro. He will get the ball in Game 1 of the NLDS.

The second most important person on the team in the playoffs is Jose Reyes. He got the Mets going in the first by drawing a walk (his 52nd, nearly double last year's total) leading to a 3-run innings. Big first innings have been the Mets bread and butter and they need to keep that trend going in the postseason especially considering the pitching disadvantage.
Reyes also scored a run in the 4th after stealing his 64th base of the season, 2 shy of a Mets record. But for some stupid reason he ran into the catcher at home plate. He was ok though.

Carlos Beltran tied a record with his 41st home run of the season. I actually hope he doesn't hit another, I'd like to see Todd Hundley stay on the books.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Issue #3: Pedro

Pedro Martinez cannot start Game 1 of the NLDS. He has been so awful lately, and is quite clearly still hurt, that the Mets cannot afford to take the huge chance that he will put them in a 1-0 hole. And even worse, should he start Game 1 and lose, if the Mets win 2 of the next 3, he'd have to pitch the deciding game.

It is my personal belief that he should not be on the Division Series roster. I don't think the Mets will do that. Because if they do, and still advance, what would have to happen for Pedro to be added for the NLCS or World Series (god willing)?

This is the first one of these issues that has me seriously concern. The starting pitching was already the team's biggest weakness, even with a healthy Pedro. Now with Trachsel and El Duque after Glavine, it's the worst starting trio in the NL playoffs.

Unhappy Recap: Braves 13 Mets 1

Of all the bad games the Mets have had since the clinching (and in the week or so before) this one was the worst.

Every pitch Pedro threw was high and slow (around 86 or 87 mph). He obviously is in great pain and can't pitch the way he wants to because of his calf injury.

Nothing else was worth mentioning from this contest. For the second night in a row a reliever got bombed for 6 runs (this time it was Darren Oliver and he has a decent shot of making the playoff roster unlike Heath Bell).

Once again the Mets couldn't get a hit scoring only 1 run, meaning the sum total of the last two games was: Braves 25 Mets 1.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Issue #2: Recent Struggles

Are you worried about the Mets recent struggles, especially on offense? The Mets have lost 9 of their last 12, and scored more than 4 runs only once during those games.

I think we all expect the Mets pitching to allow 3 or 4 runs per game in the playoffs. If the offense doesn't produce there is no way the Mets can win.

I personally think the current problems are not an indicator of how the team will play once the playoffs begin. But I'm still worried. Offensive players go into slumps, and those slumps usually have a contagion effect. The key is Jose Reyes. If he is on base causing trouble the Mets will be fine. If he is not on, the Mets will have trouble producing runs.

Unhappy Recap: Braves 12 Mets 0

I'm starting to get the feeling that Oliver Perez will never reach his potential. He was lit up again for 6 runs.
Heath Bell gave up the other 6 runs in the 8th inning so the game wasn't as much of a blowout as the final score would indicate.

Once again the Mets bats were silent. Even though the playoff starting lineup (with the exception of Green) played, John Smoltz shut them out. In the first inning with two runners on and no one out, Beltran struck out, Delgado struck out and David Wright flew out.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Nationals 7 Mets 3

Another deja vu game for the Mets.
The starting pitcher (in this case, Tom Glavine) gives up 3 or 4 runs in 5 or 6 innings and the offense doesn't hit.

Carlos Beltran came back from injury and walked 3 times.

Pedro Feliciano got bombed for 3 runs in a third of an inning.

Shawn Green homered, but he has been awful as a Met.

Beltran Lopez improved to 2-0 for the Nationals. I saw him pitch for the Harrisburg Senators against the Portland Sea Dogs earlier this year.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Nationals 5 Mets 1

Another disappointing post-clinch performance.

Steve Trachsel will be counted on to win a key playoff game, in which he will probably allow 3 runs in 5 or 6 innings. Even though he is 15-8 his ERA in an awful 4.97.

This time it was Tony Armas who shut down the Mets bats.

Jose Valentin hit his 18th homer for the Mets only run.

Philip Humber made his major league debut, pitching a scoreless 9th.

The Mets will have to win their next 7 games in orcder to win 100 this season.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 12 Nationals 6

The bats finally came alive in this one although it took awhile. The Mets were trailing 4-0 in the 5th when the hits started coming. Green doubled and Milledge drove him home. Then Woodward doubled to set up second and third. Reyes and Chavez singled, each driving in a run then Wright connected for a 3 run shot to give the Mets the lead for good.

A lot of people have been concerned about Wright because that was only his 5th home run since the All-Star break. While there is no possible way that he is being affected by a Home Run Derby hangover, it was nice to see him finally hit one. The Mets can't afford to have him slumping when the playoffs start.

The Mets added 3 more in both the 7th and 8th innings to put the game out of reach.

Jose Reyes went 3 for 3, raising his average to .300 for the season. He had 3 RBI, giving him 80, a tremendous total for a leadoff hitter. And he stole his 58th base, but probably won't catch Roger Cedeno for the Mets single season record. I am pulling for him to get his 20th home run though.

Paul Lo Duca homered, only his 5th of the year.

Lastings Milledge had a couple more hits, and he seems to be playing much better this time around. I definitely think he is earning a spot on the playoff roster.

John Maine did not pitch well. His outing was similar to Pedro's on Thursday. Maine had a no-hitter for 3 2/3 innings. Then he lost his control, leaving after 5 innings having walked 5 and hit 2 batters. He did strike out 7 and thanks to the explosion in the bottom of the inning he got his 6th win of the season.

Unhappy Recap: Nationals 3 Mets 2

Another quiet night for the Mets bats. They have scored 3 or fewer runs in 7 of the last 8 games and lost 6 of those games. The only offense in this one came from Endy Chavez (3 hits) and Ricky Ledee who hit a solo home run. Even worse, the lack of offense came off former Mets cast off Pedro Astacio.

One positive sign, El Duque pitched well and deep again. He pitched 7 innings, allowing 3 runs, only one walk and striking out 7. Of his last 10 starts, 8 have been "quality" starts, one he gave up 1 run in 5 1/3 innings and the other one was his disaster in Philadelphia. The general consensus is that he is a big game pitcher and right now he seems the most reliable option for the playoffs.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Marlins 5 Mets 2

The Mets got a little of what they were hoping for from Pedro but the jury is still out on him and his health.
He looked great in the first four innings, pitching a no-hitter. It all fell apart for him in the 5th when he gave up 4 runs. He did strike out 7 men in those five innings but he didn't prove that he would be healthy and dominant come playoff time.
But at least there were no tears.

Once again Mets couldn't touch Anibal Sanchez. But thanks to a loss by the Cardinals the Mets clinched the NL's best record.

Learn Spanish with Professor Reyes was a repeat -- esta frio, it is cold. They didn't play Mets Make a Deal and the Kiss Cam was disappointing although they did use "I Got You Babe" as musical accompaniment.

My final record for the season was 5-4, including Opening Day, Friday night against the Yankees and the torturous doubleheader against the Giants. But like the Mets I will be judged on what I do in the postseason.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Issue #1: The Playoff Roster

8 Starting players: Jose Reyes, Paul Lo Duca, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, David Wright, Cliff Floyd and Jose Valentin

4 Starting pitchers: Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine, Orlando Hernandez and Steve Trachsel

8 Relief pitchers: Aaron Heilman, Guillermo Mota, Roberto Hernandez, Pedro Feliciano, Billy Wagner, John Maine, Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford

5 Bench players: Endy Chavez, Julio Franco, Mike DiFelice, Chris Woodward and Lastings Milledge

I left off Dave Williams because I like Darren Oliver better as a left long man.
I chose DiFelice as the backup catcher over Kelly Stinnett. Definite weak spot of the team. Wish Castro were healthy.
I selected Lastings Milledge over Michael Tucker because I think he brings more things to the table and will benefit greatly from this experience,

All in all these choices really weren't that tough.

Unhappy Recap: Marlins 6 Mets 3

Oliver Perez just can't seem to get it all together and pitch more than one good start in a row. He didn't pitch terribly but he allowed 3 runs and 3 walks in 5 and 1/3 innings.

Dontrelle Willis was a one-man wrecking crew pitching 7 strong innings and blasting 2 home runs. All three of his homers this season have come against the Mets (the first one was off Jose Lima). He is now 5-0 career at Shea Stadium.

Most of the regulars were back in the lineup after a day off for the whole team on Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 3 Marlins 2

The first day of the rest of the season ended in victory.
With nothing to play for Tom Glavine pitched a great game...and went 8 innings. He allowed only a 2 run homer to Wes Helms.
That might have been enough but the Mets rallied in the bottom of the 8th to take the lead and Billy Wagner continued his lights out second half with his 39th save.
Anderson Hernandez hit his first major league home run in the third inning.
He then walked and scored in the 8th on a single by Lastings Milledge.
Michael Tucker drove in the winning run.
Tom Glavine is now 11 wins from 300.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

2006 National League Eastern Division Champs

It's only one step on a four-part journey, but ancient Chinese proverb say "even the longest of journeys begins with a single step."

While it's not cause to get overly excited all Mets fans can certainly enjoy last night's victory. Immediately after the game I popped open a bottle of champagne (actually Heineken) and fired a bunch of treats at my bewildered dog. He didn't quite grasp why "Mets win the division" merits four times as many treats as "Mets win." But he wasn't complaining.

There was to be no complaining on this night. Not even about the awful series in Pittsburgh. Because like in 1986 when the Mets tanked in Philadelphia, it meant the clinching would have to come at home.

Shea Stadium was rocking. The fans were really into it and knew they were going to see history. The night just felt special. All they needed was Trachsel and Valentin.

Nothing over the next two weeks matters. I don't want to hear it if Pedro pitches poorly, or El Duque gets bombed, or Heilman blows two more games. Nothing matters until October 3rd or 4th. Until then we just enjoy this feeling and hope we can recapture it three more times.

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Happy Recap: Mets 4 Marlins 0

The Clincher!

Steve Trachsel was great. His performance sort of reminded me of Al Leiter's against the Reds in the playoff in 1999. Or Mike Hampton in the last game of the NLCS in 2000. Trachsel was on. And you just got the feeling that he would not be beat on this night.

It was nice that Jose Valentin could be the hero, slugging two home runs to provide all the offense that Trachsel would need.

Unhappy Recap: Pirates 3 Mets 0

For the third straight day a lefthanded starter and the Pirates vaunted pitching staff shut down the Mets bats.

This time it was Zach Duke. He allowed 8 hits but spread them out to avoid any runs.

John Maine pitched well, but couldn't get the run support. His record falls to 5-5. He's pitched better than that record indicates.

Unhappy Recap: Pirates 3 Mets 2

This time it was two young lefthanders who shut down the Mets offense. Tom Gorzelanny pitched only 4 innings in his first start since coming back from the DL. Then Shane Youman came in and held the Mets to 1 run in 3 innings.

Still the Mets had a chance in this one but Aaron Heilman lost it on a walkoff double. Heilman now has 5 losses this season. No other reliever has lost more than 2 games for the Mets.

Unhappy Recap: Pirates 5 Mets 3

What a horrible return from the DL by Pedro. He gave up 6 hits and 4 runs in 3 innings and was in tears in the dugout after he got taken out.

The Mets still cannot hit Paul Maholm. He is 2-1 with a 1.42 ERA in 3 starts against the Mets this year.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 7 Marlins 4

Another come from behind victory, this one aided by some horrible defense by Florida.

With the score tied at 4-4 in the 11th and runners on first and second the Marlins screwed up a double play allowing Ricky LeDee to reach base.
Then a wild pitch brought home the go ahead run but only because the throw by the catcher to the pitcher covering was wild. Then Reyes and Lo Duca drove in two more runs.

Tom Glavine pitched ok but not great. Josh Willingham killed him, hitting his 3rd home run of the season.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 6 Marlins 4

A great comeback win in a game that lasted late into the night, thanks to a 46 minute rain delay at the start, and an 82 minute rain delay in the second inning after the Marlins had already taken a 2-0 lead.

Oliver Perez came back after the rain delay and gave up another 2 runs but he showed more promise, striking out 11 and walking only 2 in five innings.

The Mets couldn't touch Josh Johnson in the first five innings but were able to come back against the Marlins bullpen.

After David Wright drove in a run with a double in the 7th, Carlos Delgado tied the game against his former team with a three run homer. Wright and Floyd doubled to give the Mets the lead. An insurance run was added in the 9th when Endy Chavez walked with the bases loaded.

The Braves are dead!
The Braves are dead!
The Braves are dead!

Unhappy Recap: Marlins 16 Mets 5

Dave Williams gets killed for the first time as a Met, allowing 9 runs in 3 innings. The bullpen didn't do much better as Heath Bell allowed 5 runs.

Cody Ross hit 3 home runs and drove in 7.

Carlos Beltran hit his 40th home run, leaving him one shy of the Mets single season record.

For the third time in four games the Mets lost to a rookie pitcher. This time it wasn't a guy in his first major league start. Anibal Sanchez is 8-2 and pitched a no-hitter his last time out.

Unhappy Recap: Dodgers 9 Mets 1

SUCKME again! This time it was Eric Stults (not the guy from Mask), who shut down the Mets in his first major league start.

He gave up only one run in six innings, and that run came on the 19th home run of the year by Jose Reyes.

Steve Trachsel fell to 14-7 after giving up 4 runs in 2 2/3. Brian Bannister came in and got killed, allowing 5 runs in three innings.

Happy Recap: Mets 3 Dodgers 2

A good pitching matchup between El Duque and Greg Maddux.

Carlos Delgado gave the Mets an early lead with a homer in the second. The Dodgers took a 2-1 lead in the top of the 6th but the Mets were able to chase Maddux in the bottom of the inning and take the lead back on a 2-run single by Wright.

El Duque has given up 2 earned runs in the 18 1/3 innings after his disaster in Philadelphia three starts ago.

Unhappy Recap: Dodgers 5 Mets 0

SUCKME! Some unknown character kills Mets everytime.
This time it was Hong-Chih Kuo who allowed only 3 hits in 6 innings in his first major league start (and win).

John Maine pitched ok, but not great and the Mets lost for the first time in his last 9 starts.

Rafael Furcal and Nomar Garciaparra both homered for the Dodgers.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 7 Dodgers 0

After the Mets bats took a hiatus for two games, it's been the other teams that can't score. The Mets pitching staff has allowed one run in the last three games (a homer by Brian McCann) and no runs in the last 25 innings.

The Mets took an early lead in the first when Reyes got on and scored on a hit by Beltran. Then Delgado hit one off the very top of the wall in center for a double, and Beltran scored on a sac fly by Wright. It was 3-0 after Jose Valentin hit his 15th homer in the 2nd.

The Mets scored once in the 6th and had two men on when Jose Reyes came up. He hit a deep fly ball to center which Matt Kemp misplayed (he screwed up at least three flyballs) and it rolled all the way back into center field. Turns out the only thing more exciting than a Jose Reyes triple, is a Jose Reyes inside the park home run. His 18th of the year, giving him a great shot to be the only player not named Mays to have 20 doubles, triples, homers and steals in the same season.

But Reyes dropped a popup in the 7th which forced Glavine to leave after 6 1/3 innings. Glavine was great in his first start since coming back from the cold finger problem. Encouraging sign for the postseason. No matter how good the team is hitting you don't want to go into the playoffs with health/rust questions for Pedro AND Glavine.

Mota, Hernandez and Heilman preserved the shutout.

Shawn Green kept his bat hot with two more hits. And with the return to the lineup of Beltran and Floyd, Green hit 7th and Valentin hit 8th. A very strong and deep lineup.

Happy Recap: Mets 8 Braves 0

I am so glad the Mets decided to let Oliver Perez hang around for one more start. He finally got to display his potential. And he may have even earned himself a spot in the rotation next year. He can obviously pitch, but he just needs control. He pitched a complete game (the second shut out of his career) and threw only 107 pitches because he walked only one. Like the Mets announcers said you don't have a 2.98 ERA and more than 200 Ks in a full season without talent. Rick Peterson just needs to work his magic.

Jose Reyes led off the game with his 17th homer. He now has 71 RBI and I believe his is the clear MVP of the team. The homer was his 6th to lead off a game this season, a Mets record.

Coming into the game Braves starter Kyle Davies was 3-0 with a 2.63 ERA in five career games against the Mets. And it took them a while to get to him, but they finally broke through in the 6th.

Floyd and Green singled and Julio Franco walked. Chris Woodward doubled in two runs, then Davies was taken out and Endy Chavez pinch hit a 2-run triple to break the game open with a 6 run lead.

Shawn Green closed the scoring with his second home run of the day, and his second home run as a Met.

The Mets magic number to eliminate Atlanta is now down to 4.

Happy Recap: Mets 4 Braves 1

Another solid performance from Dave Williams. He is 3-0 as a Met with a 3.24 ERA. He pitched 6 innings and allowed only one run, a solo homer to Brian McCann.
He's continuing his push for a playoff spot but I think the Mets will go with Feliciano and Oliver as lefties out of the pen. Williams would actually be a 4th lefty because of Wagner.

Shawn Green had a big day, scoring the first run and hitting his first home run as a Met in the 8th.

Carlos Delgado provided the big blow with a 2-run homer in the 6th that provided the winning runs.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Braves 5 Mets 0

It had to happen sooner or later. The incredible run support Steve Trachsel enjoyed came to an end.
Chuck James handcuffed the Mets, allowing only one hit, in the second inning. This comes after getting nothing off Roy Oswalt the day before. The Mets now have 1 run and 5 hits in the last two games combined.

Walks are also killing the Mets pitching staff. After El Duque walked 6, Trachsel walked 7 in 4 1/3 innings.

For the second straight day the Mets were caught off guard on a bunt play.

Heath Bell and Rocye Ring pitched well, which is encouraging, though neither of them will make the playoff roster.

Carlos Beltran did not play, but he only has a bruised knee and should be back soon.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Astros 2 Mets 1

A very interesting game that was a fascinating pitcher's duel.
El Duque allowed only one hit in 5 1/3 innings, and the Mets bullpen allowed zero hits in 2 2/3 innings but the Mets lost despite pitching a 1-hitter. The last time that happened was almost exactly 15 years ago.

El Duque pitched out of trouble a couple times including the second inning when he allowed the only hit (to Aubrey Huff) plus two walks, but still managed to allow no runs.
The magic ended for him in the 6th inning. With one out he walked the next two batters and hit a third man to load the bases. That was the end of the day for him.
Roberto Hernandez came on in relief and the first batter perfectly executed a suicide squeeze to give the Astros a 1-0 lead. They walked the next man to load the bases for the pitcher Oswalt. He hit a slow grounder
for an out but the Mets caught a break there as replays cleared showed that he had beaten it out.

The Astros tacked on another run in the 7th when Tavares, walked, stole second, went to third on a sacrifice bunt and scored on a sacrifice fly. That is the kind of run Reyes usually scores.

In the top of the 7th Reyes got the first hit off Oswalt on a weak grounder to short. Oswalt had been pitching a perfect game up until that point.
Then he came up again in the 8th inning with a chance to be the hero. Valentin had singled, and Tucker doubled creating second and third. The Astros replaced Oswalt with Chad Qualls and Reyes grounded out.

Carlos Delgado broke up the shutout with a home run to left field in the 9th inning off Brad Lidge.

Carlos Beltran may be ready to play as soon as Monday.

Happy Recap: Mets 4 Astros 2

Another good performance from John Maine and the Mets continue to win when he pitches.
He gave up two solo home runs (the only hits he allowed in 6 1/3 innings, to earn his 5th win. The Mets have won his last 8 starts.

The Mets were able score some runs thanks to shoddy defense by the Astros.

Cliff Floyd had a couple big hits and Wright got his 106th RBI.

But the key play came in the 9th when Billy Wagner came on and allowed to runners.
Lance Berkman smashed a drive to center and Beltran made a sliding catch, but slammed into the wall and hurt his knee.

That's the one thing the Mets did not want to have happen in September. If the ball had dropped in and tied the game (which it would have) that would be a better result than Beltran getting hurt.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 8 Astros 7

Tom Glavine didn't pitch well in his return to the rotation but for the 5th time in the last 6 games, the Mets won, and scored more than 8 runs.

Glavine pitched well through 4 innings and had a 3 run lead, thanks to an error in by Adam Everett (even though they gave Chavez an infield single on the play) which resulted in two runs. The other run came when Delgado drove in Beltran with a single to center.

But the 5th was horrible for Glavine. Four straight hits scored a run, and a bases loaded walk forced in another. Then with two outs a 2 run single gave the Astros a lead and a wild pitch by Glavine made it 5-3, Houston.

But in that inning the Astros took out starting pitcher Wandy Rodriguez (who was no great shakes) but the reliever (Dave Borkowski) promptly blew the lead. With one out Lo Duca doubled, the Carloses walked and David Wright blasted one to right. Jason Lane completely botched it, it went over his head, hit the wall and he fell down. Had the ball not ricocheted into his ass, Wright might have had an inside the park home run. Instead he had to settle for a bases clearing double, giving him 105 RBI for the year (14 in the last 5 games).

Glavine blew the lead again making it 6-6, which is how it stayed until the 8th.
David Wright led off the 8th with a crushed double to left, which bounced back like 100 feet into centerfield. Then Valentin and Chavez each had run scoring hits.

It stayed 8-6 when Wagner came on in the bottom of the 9th. He gave up a double, then a single to Biggio to make it 8-7, but got Berkman on a force. Guillermo Mota pitched a scoreless 7th to earn his first victory as a Met.

Playoff Roster

The Mets promoted Anderson Hernandez (and demoted Dave Williams) in order to have Hernandez available for the playoffs.
The playoff roster explanations are confusing but players on the DL can be replaced on the roster by players still in the minors, but position players replace position players and pitchers can only replace pitchers.
The Mets likely won't need to replace Sanchez, Zambrano or Juan Padilla though.
But they might want to use Milledge for Floyd (if he's still hurt) or find someone instead of DiFelice to take Castro's place at catcher.

It's Over

I am officially calling the Mets the champion of the National League's Eastern Division for 2006.
With a 15 1/2 game lead the Mets magic number is down to 15.
If the Mets play .500 ball for the rest of the season they cannot be beat, even if the Phillies win the rest of their games.
I predict the Mets will clinch in Pittsburgh, maybe on Sunday September 17th (would be the 148th game). The 1986 Mets clinched on September 17th, in the 145th game of the season.
All that's left to do now is get healthy, stay healthy and wait.

Unhappy Recap: Rockies 8 Mets 4

The Oliver Perez experiment is probably over for this year. He didn't have trouble with his control this time (walking only 2) but he gave up 12 hits and 7 runs in only three innings. I hope the Mets will send him down and try to rehabilitate him next year in spring training. I really believe he has talent and is young enough where he may still be able to make a breakthrough and become a great pitcher.

David Wright continued his hot hitting, with another home run.

Jose Reyes too continued his great season, he now has 70 RBI. As a leadoff man. In the National League. Incredible.
Reyes did make an error in the first inning which helepd to open the floodgates. It was the first error in the last 13 games for the Mets.

This game prevented the Mets from taking the season series from the Rockies.

The Rockies also said Kaz Matsui will be playing less over the next month because of the language barrier between him and rookie phenom Troy Tuloowitski.