Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 10 Cardinals 0

Nice to see Beltran breaking out early. His second homer was a beautiful shot.

Good to see Reyes homer too, and it doesn't seem like he is swinging for the fencs which was a preseason worry. His homer was a golfed shot that barely made it over in the corner.

Braden Looper actually pitched pretty decent. I would have liked to really nail his ass but they did get three runs off him in 6 innings.

I'd rather see a dropped popup than see Wright and Reyes collide.

Keith Hernandez is wearing a fur coat. I hope you saw this. A picture was worth a million words.

He also said something that I missed the beginning of but I think he was wearing tights or pantyhose to stay warm. He said he bought them at Macy's and told the clerk they were for his wife.

Horrible play by Preston Wilson on the Julio Franco ball that really broke the game open.

Can't judge Ambiorix Burgos by what he does in a 10-0 game but I'm glad he pitched a good inning to keep the Mets fans off his back when he comes home...assuming he doesn't pitch badly in Atlanta.

John Maine pitched great. He was on target with every pitch, fastballs for strikes. That's the formula for success for him, he doesn't have great stuff but he needs to throw strikes.

This was about as perfect a start to the season as a team is ever going to have.

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