Friday, October 20, 2006

Why the Mets Lost

1) Because they could not get key hits. Too many runners left on base in key spots.
2) Because the bullpen wasn't good. The pen blew games 2 & 7.

And those were the strengths of the team coming into the series.

The Mets didn't lose because:
1) starting pitchers were hurt. Which games could the Mets have won with better starting pitching? Game 2. That's it. In Games 3, 5 & 7 they scored 3 runs, combined. No pitching would overcome that.
2) Cliff Floyd was hurt. He may have helped fill the holes in the bottom of the lineup, but Endy provided some key defense that Floyd could not have. And the most memorable moment of the series.
3) of Willie Randolph. He did a fine job managing this series. He did a few minor things differently than I would have done, but some of them worked out. My biggest complaint is that they were not aggressive enough on the base paths early in the series.


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