Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 11 Braves 1

There are few things in baseball more fun than watching Jose Reyes leg out a triple. Especially in the first inning of a game against the Braves.

It took Oliver Perez one batter to show why he has so much potential. He threw a nasty slider to strike out our old friend Chris Woodward.

I like the decision not to bunt with Perez up, Valentin on second and one out. The chances of Perez getting a hit are better than Reyes doing something that would allow Valentin to score from third, but not from second.

Amazing stat. This is the first time two NL teams with at least 3 wins and zero losses played against each other since 1894. I guess it's because teams play series. So if you don't have two teams that both swept their first series, it probably wouldn't happen.

I have a feeling that Jeff Francouer is going to be a thorn in the Mets side for the next 15 years.

Key hit for Shawn Green to get David Wright home in the bottom of the 6th. Big insurance run, but more importantly had he failed in that spot the fans would have been all over him.

Reyes triples are also a lot of fun to watch when there are two men on base. Nice to see Perez hustling around the bases, he was the only impediment to Reyes going three on that one.

Reyes is a really clutch RBI man. On any other team he might be batting second or third because he drives in so many runs. 7 RBI this season already.

If the Mets keep winning by these blowouts I'm going to get very sick of the inane banter from Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez.

Four games, four wins, Mets 31 opponents 3.
So far so good.

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