Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pedro Pitches

Pedro pitched off a mound for the first time in eight months, a major step in his recovery from rotator cuff surgery.
He threw 38 pitches, seven of which served as warmups with the catcher standing up. The Mets divided the session into innings. He pitched 15 in the first inning, and 16 in the second. The initial goal was to throw 25 pitches overall, but Martinez felt so spry he wanted to keep going.
All of his pitches were fastballs, but neither the Mets nor Martinez seemed to care how fast any of them went, because that will be for another time.
"I'm really excited and happy with the way everything went," Martinez added. "I'm very optimistic the way I feel."
Also there for encouragement were rehabbing pitchers Duaner Sanchez and Juan Padilla, who came up in a golf cart.
Martinez said that pitching off a mound again moves him into a whole new phase of his training for a possible August return.
Right now, the Mets are not in desperate need for Pedro. If he has to sit out until August or September, that would be fine. But they really need him to be at top form for the playoffs.

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