Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 13 Marlins 0

Absolutely, by far and away the best game the Mets played all season, at the time when they needed it most. Although had they gotten one like this in the last 8 against Philadelphia the season would be over.

John Maine pitched the game of his life, definitely up there with all-time best Mets performances (Seaver's 8 1/3 perfect, Bobby Jones's 1-hitter in the playoffs, Heilman's 1-hitter, David Cone and Seaver both with 19 strikeout games). And the one hit he allowed was a little nubber.

The Mets offense exploded, scoring 2 in the first and 3 in the second, on 5 2-out hits.

Milledge started the third inning with a 2-run homer (he'd add another one later) and the rout was on.

The Mets kept piling on pushing the total to 13 and leaving no suspense at all other than could Maine pitch a no-hitter.

Castro also hit a homer which makes me wonder why Willie hasn't used him and Milledge more down the stretch. With extra catchers on the roster Castro should be the first pinch hitter off the bench. And he should be playing 2 games a week in favor of LoDuca.

One interesting note happened in the 5th inning when a near brawl broke out. After Reyes doubled the Marlins threw two pitches behind Luis Castillo. Castillo walked towards the mound and the benches cleared. Then after Castillo walked the Marlins removed their pitcher and Jose Reyes got into it with Marlins catcher Miguel Olivo during the pitching change. Olivo and Reyes know each and are friends but each one of them says the other asked him if he wanted to fight. Reyes thought Olivo was kidding so he said yes. Olivo thought Reyes was serious, so he went over and tried to punch him. He missed but got ejected for his troubles nonetheless.

I hope the incident inspires Reyes, but not the Marlins.

The Mets live to fight another day. All they need is a win. All they need is a miracle. Tom Glavine, all they need is you.

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