Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 3 Phillies 1

Now would be a good time for me to praise Carlos Delgado. For most of the last year I've killed Delgado and said he was washed up. But somehow, some way, Delgado has turned it around and is absolutely killing the ball. And he rescued the Mets from another heartbreaking potential loss to the Phillies. With a left field.

Delgado comes through with the big hit

One guy I was right about the whole time though, is Oliver Perez. People were talking about demoting him to the bullpen and I always advocated that he wasn't as bad as he seemed and that his problems were mental, and therefore, potentially fixable. I'm not sure what Dan Warthen did, but it worked. In his last 5 starts, his ERA is 1.04. And he is only 1-1 over that span because of a lack of run support. In the last 4 starts, the Mets have scored only 6 runs while he was in the game.

oliver perez comes up big again

And one more player who has caught a lot of shit in the papers and from the fans is Billy Wagner. For the second day in a row he mowed down the Phillies for a key save, this one put the Mets in first place.

Now the Mets just need to avoid a letdown against the lesser lights like the Cardinals, but especially the Astros, Padres, Marlins, Nationals and Pirates.

The Mets have won all four series against the Phillies this year for a record of 9-4 against them so far.

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