Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Phillies 8 Mets 6

Another heartbreaking loss in a long line of devastating defeats that came at the hands of the Phillies.

That winning streak means nothing now, the team still cannot win the big game, and when the chips are down, they always make the key mistake to blow it.

As much as Mets fans are afraid of Billy Wagner but the bullpen doesn't look very good without him. An absolutely horrible implosion, mostly by Duaner Sanchez and Pedro Feliciano.

Jose Reyes made a bad play (as he often does by trying to be too aggressive) and I know he needed to make the smart play and get the sure out, but it wouldn't have mattered. The tying run was on second anyway, and I don't think an out there would have changed all that much.

What could have changed this game would have been to leave in Johan Santana. He was finally pitched like we needed him to, and against a big opponent, and without Billy Wagner it should have been a no-brainer to at least give him a chance in the 9th. Manuel has to start realizing that the bullpen is terrible and he has to push the starters further than he'd like.

But it wasn't Santana's fault, he pitched great.

And it wasn't even Endy Chavez's fault. I have no problem with him getting thrown out in the third inning, that was a good, aggressive play. But he should not have tried to score in the 7th because he had to hold up to see if Utley would make the play. And with no one out he should have stayed on third, but he got waved home by Luis Aguayo. I think Chavez also got some bad coaching as he was playing too shallow on So Taguchi's ball and might have been able to catch it if he had been playing deeper.

Also not to blame is Carlos Delgado who has been absolutely perfect lately. He is batting .403 with 5 homers and 14 RBI in July. His 1.213 OPS for the month pushed his season's OPS up to a respectable .818.

And Ramon Castro blasting another home run was also overshadowed by another disastrous meltdown in a crucial game.

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Anonymous master bates said...

1. If it was a one run lead, he should have and probably would have left Santana in. With a 3 run lead, the bullpen should be able to close it out even without Wagner, especially since Howard made the last out in the 8th.

2. It was my fault. The jinx continues.

3. Reyes appeared to have hesitated before he did anything. the guy has bad baseball instincts.

4. agree with you on Endy's baserunning, but the Taguchi shot was an absolute rocket. I don't think you expect him to hit the ball to the wall. A single in front of Endy scores 2 anyway.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 6:21:00 AM  

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