Sunday, April 08, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Braves 3 Mets 2

Terrible start to this game. Reyes gets to third with none out and Valentin grounds out to first and both the Carloses strike out.

Then El Duque gives up a homer to the first batter.

Amazing catch by Andruw Jones on Wright's drive to begin the second inning.

Home run Shawn Green to tie the game. Don't know what has gotten into him but he seems to be motivated by the possibility of his losing his job. This proves that spring training, even for individual players is meaningless, as far as predicting regular season performance. Green has turned it on like a light switch starting on Opening Day.

I love Ramon Castro. My father and brother in law still think they are making fun of me for saying that Castro was better than Piazza in 2005, but I firmly believe that.

Keith Hernandez just said Reyes is on the verge of becoming the best player in baseball. On cue, Reyes hits his third triple of the season. But once again the Mets don't get him in.

Lack of timely hitting really cost the Mets today. They kept getting runners on base but couldn't get them in. The most costly one was in the first inning because Reyes was on and the big hitters were up.

I have never been in love with Heilman and I don't think we can rely on him to be the 8th inning shut down guy. If Sanchez doesn't come back to form I think we will see a lot more games like this.

I'm not going to panic yet because I think the team is doing well and the starting pitching has been great. But they're out of first place and I was really hoping 2007 could be a wire to wire year.

The home opener is tomorrow and maybe that will put the Mets back on the winning track.

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