Saturday, April 07, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Braves 5 Mets 3

First unhappy recap of the season.

Defense was terrible, that's what killed them. They only got charged with two errors, but there could have been more.

The first one led to the first runs, and the second one, the dropped flyball by Green led to a 3-run inning that put the game out of reach.

Green almost redeemed himself by driving in the third run, then hitting a line drive with second and third and two outs in the 9th, but the first baseman snared it.

It's too early to get on Green though. He has been hitting well and although I want Milledge to play against lefties I don't want to throw Green under the bus just yet.

My problem with Glavine was evinced today. I think teams have an easy way to beat him. Don't swing. He won't throw strikes, no matter the situation. He only walked 3 but he threw 57 balls and only 56 strikes.

It's a little too early for big games but if the Mets lose tomorrow they won't be in first place.

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