Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Dodgers 9 Mets 1

This losing is starting to get very bad and soon the Mets might find themselves unable to dig themselves out of the hole they are currently digging. It is very likely that by Sunday night the Mets will have lost 8 games in a row, and the Yankees will have won 12 in a row, which would give the teams identical 36-31 records.

Even Jorge Sosa couldn't stop the bleeding. Since May 27, the other Mets starters have a combined record of 1-7, while Jorge Sosa was 3-0, now 3-1. He started this game off well, allowing only one hit through the first four innings. And once again the Mets got him an early lead. I wonder the last time a team has lost five in a row while scoring first in all five games.

He started off the fifth inning by allowing a home run to Wilson Betemit, the second straight day he got the Dodgers started. Then came the biggest play of the game. Kemp weakly hit one to the right side. It was probably Valentin's ball, but Delgado committed to fielding it, therefore Sosa had to cover first. He was late getting over and Kemp was on base. After that Furcal tripled and Pierre singled him home. Maybe at 1-1 it was already too late, Sosa could only win with a shutout, but I would have liked to see how this one would have turned out had he gotten Kemp at first.

In the sixth Dodgers tacked on three more, as Sosa gave up three more hits, then Feliciano allowed the inherited runner to score.

At 6-1 it was over. The Mets could not hit Brad Penny. They got him for one run in the first thanks to David Wright who is playing unbelievable right now. He has 15 game hitting streak and is still diving after balls in the field.

Which is more than I can say for Carlos Delgado. He is absolutely killing the Mets right now. He can't get a hit. I know he got hot for a week, and that he has 3 walkoff RBI but there is no question in my mind that the Mets would be better off with just about anyone else playing first base for them. In this day and age you can't carry a .220 hitter in the middle of your lineup. Plus, for the second day in a row Delgado didn't dive to attempt to stop a ball hit down the line. In both cases with a little more effort he might have been able to at least knock it down.

Brad Penny confronted Shawn Green about something after his at bat in the third inning. Maybe he thought Green was peaking at the signs, or stealing signs when he was on second base in the 1st inning, but Penny was not happy. He took it out on the Mets though, improving to 8-1 with a 2.18 ERA.

Billy Wagner also got touched up for two runs on a James Loney homer but I really don't count that against him. I judge closers by their ability to close games. That's it. I don't care what happens in blowouts, or if they give up 2 runs every time they come in with a 3-run lead. The closer should be judged on his ability to help the team win games. So I'll give Wagner a pass on this one. But not on the homer to Burrell, that was a huge game in retrospect, even bigger than we knew at the time.

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