Saturday, June 09, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Tigers 8 Mets 7

A very disappointing loss because the Mets offense finally broke, sort of, and scored a lot of runs.

Oliver Perez didn't have it, getting bitten by his dual nemeses, the home run ball and the walk. They bit him in the first inning after a walk to Ordonez he allowed a 3 run homer to Guillen. And that came after the Mets scored in the first inning by a Reyes run created by Beltran. They haven't been getting too many from Reyes lately so they need them from Beltran.

Reyes however did tie the game in the 5th with a 2 out two run single after Castro and Gomez couldn't get runners in from second and third. But Perez gave the runs right back in the fifth. You can't get too mad at Perez he's been so good and so consistent but the fact that he has occassional bouts of wildness coupled with his flyball pitching which makes him prone to the home run, this level of performance may be the ceiling of his potential.

Even with a subpar outing from Perez the Mets trailed by only two runs until Gulliermo Mota came in and couldn't get anyone out. He allowed 4 hits and 3 runs in a third of an inning before Sele bailed him out. So far, Mota definitely does not look like the pre-steroids Mota from last year.

But the Mets responded with 4 hits and 3 runs of their own to cut the lead to 8-6, with Reyes up and a man on first and one out. But Reyes popped out on the fisrt pitch (he has been a lot less patient recently), but Valentin doubled and Beltran walked loading the bases, but Delgado couldn't come through.

David Wright led off the 8th with a home run to cut the lead to one but the Mets couldn't scratch that last run across.

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