Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 3 Tigers 0

Leave it to Jorge Sosa to break the Mets out of their slumber. He's the first Mets pitcher to get 6 wins in his first 7 games for the team. And in those 6 wins he's allowed 2 runs or fewer. He got some help from good defense, Reyes and Gomez made good plays to prevent hits. In all the Tigers got 4 hits. Sosa threw 116 pitches but he lasted 8 innings, helped by throwing only 5 in the 7th.

Wagner came on and clearly bounced back with no ill effects from his blown save the night before. He pitched a perfect inning and struck out two.

David Wright and Delgado homered for the second day in a row.

The Mets got their third run after Gomez and Beltran singled. Gomez scored on a sac fly by Delgado, but replays show he probably did leave too early. I doubt it would have affected the outcome of the game. I don't think the Tigers would have hit Wagner even if the score were still 2-0.

I really like Gomez batting second. I mentioned before that I think he wasn't getting good pitches in the 8th hole. I also said I thought he was feeling more pressure batting 8th to drive in runs which is not his specialty. I think the biggest reason for the recent offense slump is the weakness of the #2 hitter. If the Mets need to leave LoDuca batting 6th because Alou and Green are hurt then they need to give Gomez a chance.

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