Thursday, June 07, 2007

Trouble, Man

The Mets are not hitting right now. The Mets starting pitchers have allowed 3 runs or fewer in the last 13 games. The Mets are 7-6 in those games, mainly because the team has struggled to score runs.

There have been a lot of injuries, and the Mets have really missed Green and Alou who were hot at the beginning of the year.

Also everyone seems to have gone cold at the same time, Beltran had been in a long homerless drought, and Delgado and Wright both broke out, then went right back into their slumbers. Also, I think it is time for LoDuca to be moved back to the number 2 hole. He has been the Mets best hitter, and even though they don't have any better options to protect Wright, I think Reyes is the most important player on the team, and putting him in front of a slumping Endy, or whoever they can find now (Gotay, Gomez, Easley), will slow him down even more.

The other big issue facing the Mets is the imbalance of the interleague schedule. In the next five series the Mets will face four teams that are .500 or better (Detroit, LA, Minnesota and Oakland) plus the Yankees who may have things turned around by then. It will be very tough for this team to compete with AL teams with this depleted offense. If Green and Alou don't come back and starting hitting I predict the Mets will be 8-13 in June by the time the Cardinals come to town on June 25.



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