Monday, June 11, 2007

For The Birds

In a game that was positively Hitchcockian, Comerica Park was invaded by birds. Dozens of birds were sitting all over the field throughout the entire game. Every batted ball practically sent birds scattering. For the most part they didn't interfere with play. At one point a bird slowly walked in front of the pitcher's mound. Jason Grilli stepped off to shoo the bird away. It didn't move so he walked closer to it. A few seconds later, he gave up a home run to Carlos Gomez.
The announcers on both TV and radio were obsessed with the birds. Howie Rose wanted the grounds crew to get a bag of bread crumbs and dump it in foul territory.
Gary Cohen speculated too many people were eating sunflower seeds, which led to a conversation about chewing tobacco.
Thankfully, Randy Johnson wasn't pitching and Oprah's jet wasn't flying over and Rob Lowe wasn't golfing.



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