Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lastings's Last Chance?

The Mets are probably going to call up Lastings Milledge to start the second half as the regular left fielder.
This could be his last chance to prove to the Mets that he can be a valuable young outfielder.
He has about two weeks to do it as one or both of Endy Chavez and Mosies Alou should be back by the beginning of August.
I'd like to see the Mets allow Green and Alou to walk after the season and install Gomez and Milledge at the corners to start the 2008 season.
With all the ups (the throw, the game tying homer) and the downs (the Boston fly balls, the slump last season, the foot injury) and the absurd (the high fives, the rap album, the know your role sign in his locker), I'd love to see this kid get a fair chance to prove himself as a future star for the Mets.
Remember, he is only 22 years old.



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