Monday, July 02, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Rockies 6 Mets 2

Everything I hate about Tom Glavine was evidenced in the third inning of this game. With one out he gave up a couple of hits (to Tavarez and Carroll) which was a problem with Matt Holliday up. Glavine started him in an 0-2 hole then he does what he always does. Instead of throwing a pitch that he might swing at (and maybe hit), to try to get a double play, or a popup, Glavine threw three pitches that were nowhere close to the strike zone. On a 3-2 count Glavine threw one right down the middle and Holliday crushed it for a 3-run homer.

He also gave up 3 more runs in that inning, the last 2 on a single down the line by the pitcher. Just once I want to see Delgado dive for a ball. I know he probably wouldn't have gotten to this one, but it was the pitcher, it was hit slowly and I just want to see the guy make an effort, even if it's in vain.

After that nothing else really mattered because the Mets couldn't get a hit off Jason Hirsh. The only chance they had was when Hirsh hurt his ankle getting back to the third base bag in the 6th inning.

In the 8th the Rockies brought in Jorge Julio and the Mets got him for two runs, but the rally ended when Delgado tapped out weakly to the right side.

Jason Vargas pitches for the Mets on Tuesday to replace Oliver Perez who was placed on the DL.

Carlos Gomez bunts for a base hit

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